We’re Hosting a WordPress BBQ

Having joked about it a couple of times, it’s actually going to happen now. We’re hosting a WordPress BBQ!

In our chats about what the event should look like we came to the mutual conclusion of food quality pretty quickly (doh, it’s a BBQ). So with with the help of our awesome sponsors, we managed to put together an awesome menu for the event. And for the vegetarians, we got you covered! Just let us know your special dietary needs when RSVPing to the event!

With all of the planning done, we’ve started selling tickets yesterday! We have plenty of space to host an awesome BBQ but we have to cap the attendees list at 60 people. So be sure to get your tickets ASAP because first come, first serve. July 17th we’ll host the first WordPress Meatup in Culemborg. Tickets are 15 EUR per person and will be used to pay for the food and drinks.

Click here to join us for the WP Meatup!

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