WordPress Notification Manager

One of the things I see a lot when I log into someone’s WordPress website are notifications. I’ve logged into websites where I had to scroll down because notifications pushed the actual page content below the page-fold. I understand notifications are important and why we add them but does that mean they have to be in your face on every single page? I don’t think they should and that’s why I created WP Notification Manager.

WP Notification Manager

WP Notification Manager is a small WordPress plugin that catches all of these notifications you would normally see on every admin page and puts them into your Notification Center. The Notification Center and your notifications are accessible via your WordPress toolbar (the black bar on top of each WordPress website) but won’t be displayed by default. There is a small number shown in your toolbar to let you know how many notifications are in your notification center.

So what would by default looks like this:

WordPress Notifications

Will now look like this:

WP Notification Center

The plugin catches all properly added WordPress notifications so you can install without having to adjust anything to your current website.

This first version is very basic but I wanted to check first if there are actually people who would like to use this 🙂 A future version could for example add the possibility to dismiss notices from the notification center. Also, because WordPress developer basically have complete freedom in what they’re adding as a notification, some notifications might look a bit funky.

The plugin is already available on GitHub, WordPress repository access has has been requested and in the WordPress repository. I would love to hear if you like this plugin, what you’re missing in the current version or why you think this is a terrible idea.

Update: The plugin is available in the WordPress repository now!

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73 thoughts on “WordPress Notification Manager

  1. Yes, I want this!
    Thank you, Barry 🙂

  2. This is very cool. I had a similar idea but I was concerned about the dismissal part of it. As I understand it, most plugins implement dismissal themselves, usually firing off an ajax request and adjusting some data under the hood.

    How would you see doing this in a general way for all notifications? Would you be using `remove_action()`?

  3. Superb implementation Barry. Would love to see wide scale use of this.

  4. Great idea – some of the WP notifications are things I don’t want to deal with immediately, but don’t want them hanging around until I do.

  5. Nice one! Great work, thanks!

  6. I will definitely try this out when it’s on the repo. I’d like the ability to dismiss all or individual notifications, and limit them so only admins can see them. Thanks for this, Barry – nag notices are really annoying!

  7. I definitely see the problem, but also know a lot of site owners who ignore these messages even if they can close them.
    However, I am looking forward to the official release and will add it to my site so that my authors don’t get these messages anymore when most of them are for admins anyway.

  8. The other day I was suggesting Rob Neu to open source the notification center plugin they made for WP Site Care. This is it, so cool! Just installed it.

    BTW it is not catching the iThemes Security Notification http://prntscr.com/8fbnvm can you check.

  9. Awesome plugin! Something for core I believe.

  10. Very cool idea. However, just like @Nate, I’m curious about how you’d handle dismissal, knowing that many plugin deal with it themselves. I’ll definitely give it a try though. Thanks for sharing.

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  12. This is a great idea. I actually got pointed to this by one of the core developers after raising a trac ticket to suggest that something be done to improve the notifications. I got access to a client site the other day and after logging in, found over half a dozen notifications pushing the content half-way down the screen. Extremely annoying. It’s starting to become like spam. Have just installed this on one of my sites to give it a go. Thanks.

  13. Simply awesome. Thank you for sharing this. Just one question. How does it handle plugins like WooCommerce that are long and contain button links?

  14. Definitely this feature needs to be in core. We’ve been talking about this in a Facebook WordPress group where this plugin was mentioned. You’ve been tagged in the group.

    I notice the notifications can’t currently be cleared. Have an idea for you:

    Move the notifications to a custom post type (only the title is needed, no page URL required) and automatically clear the original notice issued by any plugin. In the notifications ‘bubble’, display the post title and option to clear all notices (effectively this would be ‘move to trash’).

    Managing notifications this way would allow a ‘Notifications’ menu to display in the dashboard side menu. All messages could be displayed cleanly and managed easily within the ‘Notices’ posts list. The messages could then be easily manipulated by those whom might choose to categories and display them elsewhere within a site.

    Thanks for the plugin.

  15. Does your module work with the neswet release of ActiveCollab? And does it have the ability to only send when a user has been added to a project, as apposed to the individual tasks?

  16. Great job Barry! Looks cool.

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  18. […] WP Notification Center plugin, developed by Barry Kooij and Never5, adds a notification center to WordPress. This plugin moves admin notices to a central location freeing up valuable screen […]

  19. […] WP Notification Center plugin, developed by Barry Kooij and Never5, adds a notification center to WordPress. This plugin moves admin notices to a central location freeing up valuable screen […]

  20. Is it possible to have comments feed for every users, like facebook one ?

  21. This plugin will modify core function file or theme?

  22. […] all notices in the Dashboard. Perhaps even use a clever way to hide and combine all those notices, but that’s a different subject […]

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  24. Great idea – Awesome plugin just installed this on one of my sites to give it a go

  25. please update this plugin it is not working

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  39. I was using the one signal web pushes notification plugin for my clients, will also try this one.
    Thanks for making us understand with screenshots.

  40. Good job Barry! Looks awesome.

  41. Excellent plugin Barry!!

    Will definitely give this a try.

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