The Next Chapter

Around 1.5 months ago something big happened in the WordPress space, Automattic acquired WooThemes. As a WooCommerce developer this had more consequences for me than most realized.

Today I’m excited to announce that I will be full time focussing on fulfilling my dream. I will be selling my own products, under a new name. Starting today, Never5 will be the company that sells my currently available and future premium plugins. I’m very excited to get this started!
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Related Posts for WordPress and WPML

With Related Posts for WordPress becoming more populair, more plugin combinations and possible conflicts arise. One of these ‘conflicts’ was WPML. Because of the way Related Posts for WordPress works it completely ignored the language a post was given by WPML. This means it was possible to get a Dutch related post at an English post and vice versa. Not what you would want or expect to happen most of the time.
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