What Makes a Post Related?

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Over the past couple of months I’ve been asked the same question multiple times;

How do you determine related posts?

My default answer would have been: We’re basing this on multiple factors including title, content, categories and tags. While this is true, I thought it would be good to do a detailed post on how we’re determining what posts are related to each other.

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Related Posts for WordPress passed 1000 downloads

Today Related Posts for WordPress passed 1000 downloads! A small milestone in the eye of many but a pretty big one for me. I realize that download figures don’t reflect plugin quality or user happiness but the fact that Related Posts for WordPress managed to pass 1K in 17 days is definitely motivation for me to keep going. Also the reviews on wordpress.org and mentions on Twitter are amazing to see, thanks a lot!
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Related Posts for WordPress

As many of you might know I’ve created a plugin called Post Connector and it’s been up and available for download for some time now. Although most client feedback are positive, I do get a “It’s pretty complicated to work with” support ticket once every while. After asking these clients what they are trying to accomplish with the plugin and what part they find difficult to do, it’s been the same answer every time.
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