Related Posts for WordPress 10.000 downloads and 1 month premium

Something really cool happened yesterday, Related Posts for WordPress passed 10.000 downloads! Passing the 10K mark plus all the positive feedback I’ve received over the past few months is (way) beyond the expectations I had when I launched the plugin in August this year.

Premium 1 month old

It’s a double celebration because it’s also a little over a month since I released the Premium version of Related Posts for WordPress. The Premium version has some cool extra features compared to the free version, you can read all about that on the Premium website. Now the ‘launch buzz’ is over and there’s a healthy and steady growth in sales I’m excited for the future. There’s a lot of cool stuff planned for the future and I’m learning a lot through clients support. So if you’re using the plugin and wonder why it’s not doing something you think is a cool feature, let me know! I’d love to hear feedback from clients, it’s one of the best resources for new features in my opinion.

The future

Besides some cool new functionality that are on the roadmap, one of the biggest challenges is keeping the plugin lean. One of the core features (if you can even call it a feature) is having a related posts plugin without all the ‘bloat’. With a growing plugin user base, more edge case requests arise. I’ve noticed that my first reaction is trying to solve this in the plugin, while in a lot of situations this is not the best solution. I’m not saying I shouldn’t try to help the customer, I should try to help them in a different way. For example by providing them a code snippet which does exactly what they want by using a filter or an action.

Although I still find these decisions hard to make, I’m very happy I have to make them. These decisions come with the growth of a product and I feel privileged to be in this position. The future looks bright and I’m excited for it.

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