WordPress in a week 49-2014

In this weekly returning item I’ll be sharing WordPress related stories I read this week and found worth sharing. This is the week 49 – 2014 edition.

A new development vlog

Yesterday Coen published his first ever vlog. A vlog? Yes a video blog. There aren’t a lot of development focussed vlogs out there but I think there’s definitely a demand for them. His first vlog is up and I’m curious to see what kind of topics Coen will talk about in the future. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel if you like to stay updated with his latest videos.
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Comparing programming languages

Tom wrote a post this week about comparing programming languages. I liked how Tom also discussed the tools we use and why we should use them.
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Recipe Hero 1.0 released

After a few months of beta, today Recipe Hero 1.0 was released. Recipe Hero is a freemium plugin that (claims to be) the easiest way to add recipes to your WordPress site. Knowing Bryce I expect a lot of this plugin so I can’t wait to give it a try next week and write a review on it. Next to the version 1.0 release, Recipe Hero also launched a new website. The fact that the new website is a StoreFront child theme makes me like it even more 🙂
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nRelate will shutdown December 31st

Related post plugin nRelate announced it will shutdown it’s service by the end of this year. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this in WordPress in a week because obviously I’m very biased in what alternative you should switch to now that nRelate is shutting down. But considering the amount of users nRelate had and seeing the amount of tweets and blog posts about their shutdown I figured I couldn’t leave it out.
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Google’s reCAPTCHA

Why doesn’t hate CAPTCHAs? Yup, we all do. But if you’ve ever had anything like a contact form or comment section on your website, you know why they exist. With robots getting smarter, CAPTCHAs got harder to read. I now often find myself not being able to read the CAPTCHA, and I’m pretty sure I’m human. This week Google announced a new way of verifying you’re not a robot and they call it reCAPTCHA. With reCAPTCHA a significant number of your users can now attest they are human without having to solve a CAPTCHA. Proving that I’m not a robot without solving a CAPTCHA? I’m in.
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I’m Not Ready

Daniel wrote a post this week about not being ready and making a comparison to someone else’s success isn’t worth it. Daniel is a great guy and I love it when people have the courage to be this honest. I’ve been writing a post similar to this post and reading this might give me the extra push to finish it.
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That’s it for this week. Did I miss an awesome article this week? Please let me know by leaving comment below!

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