WordPress in a week

In this weekly returning item I’ll be sharing WordPress related stories I read this week and found worth sharing. This is the week 48 – 2014 edition.

Black Friday

Today is Friday november 28th, the day after thanksgiving and that mean it’s Black Friday! So it’s time for sales, a lot of sales. I’m holding a sale myself for Related Posts for WordPress. You can get the plugin with 30% off by using bf2014 on checkout. Another sale worth mentioning is the WooThemes Black Friday sale. They’re offering a sliding discount and some cool bundles that have great value. Also, the fine people at WP Mayor made a (huge) list of all the WordPress Black Friday sales, definitely worth checking out.

Blogging for Hippo

I was talking about blogging more with Bryce and before we knew it we started a blogging challenge. We challenged our colleagues at WooThemes to join us in a 30 day challenge to blog once a day. Bryce did a post on the challenge, the rules and who’s taking part in it.
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Premium WordPress plugin developers, can we have access to your version control please?

Coen wrote a post on the lack of access to older version of premium WordPress plugins. I like how he doesn’t just address the issue from a technical view but also explains why you sometimes need an older version.
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Writing a blog: obtaining an attractive writing style!

Marieke wrote a post on how to obtain an attractive writing style. It’s the first post in a 3 post serie and has 6 useful tips on how to improve your writing style. I personally find the Hemmingway tip really useful.
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Make Developing Front-end Projects in WordPress Work

Front-end development in WordPress. Some love it, some hate it. Gaya belongs to the latter and wrote a post on why he thinks front-end development in WordPress is bad. He also explains his workflow and how you can improve yours. A detailed and interesting read.
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When is it worth selling lifetime or unlimited plans?

AffiliateWP announced a ‘unlimited’ plan this week and I though this was a interesting move. Chris wrote a post about this the day after and I liked reading his vision on lifetime/unlimited plans.
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That’s it for this week. As you’ve might have noticed I’m also taking part in the Blogging for Hippo challenge mentioned in this post. For me it’s not only about writing more but also writing about other things. This ‘WordPress in week’ is something I plan to do weekly and I’m curious what you think of it. Did I miss an awesome article this week? Please let me know by leaving comment below!

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