Changing WordPress User Roles and Capabilities

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Websites, no matter if simple blogs, corporate sites or e-commerce stores, usually have more than one contributor to the end product. There are designers and administrators who create and build the whole site. But there are also editors who only enter new content, but it needs to be approved and published by someone else. Or there are shop managers, who take care of the e-commerce functions, but don’t need to be able to administer the whole backend. And there are readers, who will only see the front-end at all times.

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Creating Many to Many Relationships Between Posts in WordPress

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Ever worked on a WordPress website and wondered how to link posts to each other? Or how to link one of your custom post types to another? After some searching, you’ll find that this isn’t possible with WordPress out of the box.

This isn’t something new. Not being able to create these many-to-many relationships has been a shortcoming of WordPress since day 1. There are some ways to solve this. Misusing Taxonomies is one (not recommend) way. Another way is using one of the few plugins out there that solve this problem. Post Connector and Posts 2 Posts are both examples of plugins solving this issue in their own way. With Post 2 Posts now officially being deprecated, many users are looking for an alternative.

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How to Boost Sales Using Related Posts

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You can find many good resources and tools for your website to attract visitors. The first challenge for every (eCommerce) website is to generate traffic. But once you have pulled people onto your site, the next task is to convert them into customers. Conversion has become one of the most used KPIs for determining a stores success. There are countless ways to optimize your conversion but one well proven way when selling anything is to offer your product at the right moment to the right crowd. So if you got that crowd on your site, how to lead them into your store?

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