What The File 1.3.0 released

What The File has been around for quite some time now and while being such a simple tool, has changed quite a bit in its existence. The latest 2 releases added support for popular ‘third party’ software: Roots Theme and BuddyPress. This version will add support for a WordPress core functionality, template parts.

Plugin Reviews

Since I’ve added an admin notice in version 1.2.0 asking for a plugin review at wordpress.org after using What The File for some time, I’ve been receiving quite some reviews. Besides the fact that it warms my heart to see people like What The File and take the time to say thank you, it also offers users a chance of suggesting new features. This is what Yguez did, he suggested adding a list of the template parts used on the current page. I was trying to create something similar at the time but I was lacking WordPress hooks to make it work. His suggestion made me decide to release a version which adds included template parts to the What The File menu now, and keep working on making the other stuff work later.

Template parts

Template parts are a great way to reuse code and give your themes more structure. For example, the code to display page content in Twenty Twelve is located in a template part called content-page.php. If we would like to change the h1 tag, What The File will show us that page.php is used to display the page but the h1 tag is located in the template part content-page.php. To save you even more time while developing your WordPress website, What The File will now also display a list of all template parts included on the page you’re currently viewing. If you would like to find out more about template parts you can check the Codex here.

What The File 1.3.0 now also displays template parts.

What The File 1.3.0 now also displays template parts.

The Future

I would love to hear if there is something you would like to see in a future release of What The File. In meantime you can download What The File at the WordPress plugin repository and if you like it give it a review there too.

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One thought on “What The File 1.3.0 released

  1. Sheldon Goldberg

    Please show a full screen shot as you are showing the top bar, but what else is on the page. I have tried EVERY PAGE as admin and NOTHING extra ever appears on the toolbar. What should I click on in the word press dashboard menu in order to see your plugin work????

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