Download Monitor Twitter Lock Extension

I’m excited to write we’re releasing the 13th extension for Download Monitor today! We’ve been offering various options for ‘locking’ your downloads already and we’re adding a Twitter Lock to the list. The Twitter Lock extension enables you to let your visitors unlock downloads with a tweet.

The Extension

For those of you who don’t know Download Monitor already, it’s a WordPress plugin to manage your downloads and track their statistics. While the core plugin offers a powerful suite of features, more features can be added via extensions. The new Twitter Lock extension is one of those extensions. This extension allows you to require your visitors to tweet before they’re granted access to a download.

Get a 50% Discount

What better way to launch your new product than by using your new product to launch it? That’s why we’re offering a 50% discount until coming Friday (November 27th, 2015) on the new extension that can be unlocked with a tweet! This way you can see it live in action before you decide to buy it, and unlock a 50% discount while doing so!

Check out the campaign page to read more and get the 50% discount!

The Twitter Lock extension is also included in the Extension Bundle! Already an Extension Bundle customer? The extension has been added to your My Account page!

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