Post WordSesh 3

WordSesh 3 is over and like other years I had a blast. I’m still watching some videos back because staying up for 24 hours isn’t something advisable if you’ve also got a kid running around. This year’s WordSesh was extra special for me because I got to do a talk myself.

Personal Favorites

My personal favorites of this edition were the round tables. WordSesh 3 had 6(!) round tables, each with their own moderator and multiple panelists. I noticed that each round table had still plenty to talk about after 45 minutes so next editions can definitely have longer round tables. Another talk I really enjoyed was the Q&A with Andrew Nacin. I was watching it and a lot of other presentations mobile so I wasn’t able to ask any questions myself. Luckily there were enough good questions asked by others and Scott did a great job in moderating them and leading the talk.

My Talk

I did a talk about unit testing in WordPress. Ever since my talk was confirmed I’ve been excited about doing it but I noticed once my time slot got closer I got pretty nervous. I experienced the first few minutes of my talk as hell. To kick things of I had a minor technical issue that forced me to close down the presentation and restart it. A few minutes in I calmed down and things went pretty smooth for the rest of the talk. I couldn’t open the chat while doing the presentation so I had no clue if there were people watching and talking about the presentation. After I finished my talk I didn’t expect any questions but I was pleasantly surprised that there were enough questions to fill the complete time slot! I’m pretty happy with how I did the talk and I hope I was able to learn someone something. If that’s the case, the talk was a success 🙂

Like previous editions, I had a great time during WordSesh. The event seems to get better every time so I can’t wait to see what next edition brings. If you missed a talk, don’t worry. They’re all on YouTube.

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