My WordSesh presentation: Unit Testing in WordPress

WordSesh is only 4 days away and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited! The speakers and the schedule are announced and they look awesome. Today my talk title has been added as well: Unit Testing in WordPress

Making mistakes

Lets start by stop pointing fingers and be honest here. We all make mistakes. We all create bugs. I wish I didn’t but I do. Planning, experience and testing will definitely decrease the amount of bugs in your project but your code is never going to be bug-free. Yup, that’s a bold statement. If you disagree with it, I’ll gladly hear why in the comments.

Why unit testing is important

By writing and running unit tests on your project you’ll be testing your code in an automated way. A lot of your tests might look really silly. Create an item, fetching all items and counting how many items there are. Sometimes you break something that seemed completely unrelated to what you were working on. If you would manually test your code you might forget testing seemingly unrelated parts. By writing unit tests for all your methods you’ll catch these kind of silly bugs.

What will my presentation be about

During my talk at WordSesh I’ll talk about what unit tests are and how you should write them. I’ll talk about the Arrange Act Assert pattern and how you can setup unit tests into your own WordPress plugin.

I’m really looking forward to WordSesh and I’m excited to be talking about unit testing. If there’s anything you like me to cover in my talk please let me know by leaving a comment below. This edition of WordSesh will have the ability to chat live during the presentation so there’s room for live questions as well! See you at WordSesh!

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