Download Monitor 1.7.0 Released

Earlier today I’ve released the next major version of Download Monitor: version 1.7.0. Download Monitor 1.7.0 comes with some cool new features, some tweaks and a few bug fixes. There has also been quite some updates in terms of translations, something you can always help us out with if you want to!

Features and Tweaks

I noticed that quite some people were having trouble with the difference between download and version ID’s. To solve this I’ve added a new meta box to the edit download screen that will provide useful information about the download and on how to include it within your website. Another small, but in my opinion cool, new feature is the ability to set the error message that is displayed when a visitor doesn’t have access to a download.

You’ll also notice that within the settings screen some options have been moved to a different or completely new tab. I felt like some options were put in a tab they didn’t really belonged in and by reordering and moving some fields it will lead to less confusion. In case you’re wondering, you’re settings are preserved when you update, there’s no action from your side required here.

As always, you can read the full changelog here.


4 languages has been updated and 1 has been added this release, setting the total languages Download Monitor is available in at 18. A special thanks to Li-An, maphy-psd, EyesX and attitude for helping out with translations this release! Again, if you would like to help out with translating Download Monitor in your language please head over to our Transifex page.

Need help?

If you’re running into an issue after you’ve upgraded I’m here to help! Please report your issue at the right location, this will speed the process a lot. If you’re having an issue with the Download Monitor ‘core’ plugin after updating, please create an issue at the support forum. If you’re having an issue with one of our Extension, please send us an email via the contact form on the Download Monitor website or simply reply to your purchase email.

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